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Professional Lawn & Landscaping
Omaha, NE

Jason Kent 
Phone: 402-214-8175

At Professional Lawn & Landscaping, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small, 

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A beautiful lawn needs adequate nutrients for proper growth.  Along with proper mowing fertilizing is one of the single most important lawn procedures to improve your lawn's quality and maintain a healthy weed and disease-free lawn.

Professional Lawn and Landscaping offers a seven step fertilizing program from April through November. In addition to the application of  slow release nutrients and a winterizer, our program targets the most common lawn problems such as broad leaf weeds, crabgrass, fungus, and insects.  Being on your lawn monthly allows us to monitor and control any problems before damage happens instead of before. 

Along with fertilizing Professional Lawn and Landscaping can set your automatic sprinklers to optimum use to save you money by watering only at key times. 

 All applications are done by professional applicators with over 15 years experience in treating and diagnosing lawn issues.  All applicators are licensed and certified by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the E.P.A. 

Professional Lawn and Landscaping prides itself on beautiful weed free lawns. 

If it's time for the lawn you've always been dreaming of, it's time to call the experts at Professional Lawn and Landscaping. 


Remember...beautiful lawns don't happen by themselves.

Professional Results!

*Your results may vary based on level of treatment, environmental conditions, lawn traffic, and watering conditions.