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Professional Lawn & Landscaping
Omaha, NE

Jason Kent 
Phone: 402-214-8175

At Professional Lawn & Landscaping, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small, 

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Retaining Walls and Waterfalls:

Professional Lawn and Landscaping has many years of experience in building hand stacked retaining walls. Whether your design calls for soft curving lines or a straight and rigid form, Professional Lawn and Landscaping has built some of the finest stone walls anywhere.

Professional Lawn and Landscaping also designs and installs waterfalls and ponds, and also offers routine maintenance and upkeep (cleaning) of your waterfeatures.


If you've ever dreamed of the sound of a running water coming from a waterfall in your own backyard, stop dreaming and contact Professional Lawn and Landscaping today.

Remember...beautiful lawns don't happen by themselves!

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